Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Global Achievement Gap

When checking out Amanda Ripley’s The Smartest Kids in the World, which argues that American education is falling dangerously behind other nations, I stumbled across Tony Wagner’s six-year-old The Global Achievement Gap. Wagner begins with a frightening anecdote — the type that could drive today’s frenzied assault on teachers. A world-renowned molecular scientist sent two […]

World Teachers Day Event, London 1 October 2014

In support of Education International’s Unite for Quality Education campaign and Amnesty International’s campaign for women’s rights in Afghanistan, the National Union of Teachers England & Wales and Amnesty International UK are holding an event for World Teachers’ Day, focusing on keeping teaching and learning environments safe for women and girls … more

Why Education is the new global currency

Bitcoin may have been getting all the hype, but there is growing evidence that in a world without borders it is not virtual money that is the global currency, but a university education. As national borders become increasingly permeable, it is becoming clear that more and more graduates will be competing in an international jobs […]

India needs to address education issues if it is to become a global leader

The last Indian general election transformed Prime Minister Narendra Modi from an international pariah, accused of human rights abuses, to a superstar and raised hope that India had turned a corner. Prime Minister David Cameron praised Modi, saying he “got more votes than any other politician anywhere in the universe,” and investors and political strategists […]