The Steve Sinnott Foundation



Our Values & Our Mission

Our Values

• We are committed to universal access to education and life-long learning.
• We believe in quality, holistic and appropriate education that encourages independent thought.
• We value education that strengthens and empowers communities,
• We work to ensure local ownership of programmes and learning
• We promote the importance of education as a route out of poverty

working always in partnership with teacher organisations to support the enhancement and accessibility of public education, and to promote that aim with governments.

Our Vision

– a world where all children and young people have access to appropriate, quality and holistic education that equips them as life-long learners –

– a worldwide community of teachers and learners striving for universal access to quality education and on-going improvement of teaching and learning.

Our Mission

To build relationships and work alongside communities supporting access to learning worldwide for all children and young people with a commitment that access must be available regardless of age, gender, sexuality, politics, religion, disability, or ethnic group.

We involve local communities, local teachers and educators, and local governmental structures in a transparent and co-operative way of working. We promote programmes that are fit for purpose, sustainable and replicable using elements of an education model that promotes positive learning experiences.

We have a strong commitment to promote the use of communications and related technology for educational purposes. We believe that there are enormous opportunities to use this technology imaginatively and creatively in the achievement of our aims.

“No child should be denied the transformative power of a great education”

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