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Education For All

Education for all (EFA) is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, young people and adults across the world. Being involved in the Steve Sinnott Foundation (SSF) EFA project provides the opportunity for children and teachers to take a lead, be active and join a movement that touches the lives of all those involved. Please join with us and reap the rewards of playing a part in making quality education for all a reality. Involvement in the project will provide opportunities to include a global citizenship dimension within teaching and learning with many links across the curriculum.

Active participation in learning about, developing understanding of and campaigning for Eduation For All provides children and young people with the the opportunity to take a lead, be active and support a movement responding to one of the most pressing issues of today.

  • By supporting Education for All you will be working to secure equality of opportunity for all children and young people across the world.
  • Through learning about and discussing Education For All students can gain confidence, self-esteem and critical think skills.
  • Through partnerships with other schools or colleges students further develop their communication skills.
  • The learning surrounding Education for All morivates, promotes positive behaviour and fosters achievement amongst students.
  • Understanding the necessity of Education for All helps to create a global community in which all appreciate each other’s skills and values.

Get Involved
Your support for the Steve Sinnott Foundation’s Education for All activities helps to secure the goal for every child and young person to have access to quality education.


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“A Better Place to Be”* – a song for education.

Available for DOWNLOAD in both choir and instrumental versions.

* Song composed by Yvadne Bygrave Founder of SingaBook and produced by Michael Fuller and Jonathan Haizel.

*Sung by Year 5 students at St Anthony’s RC school and recorded at Ascape Studios, Unit 4, 21 Waldo Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 2QX

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“A Better Place To Be” lyric song sheet

View here

Download song sheet ? Click GOOD STUFF

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They’re singing it – all over the world

Look and listen

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