Film Screening in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, supported by the Steve Sinnott Foundation.

This September Chief Exec Ann Beatty has been in Port-au-Prince in Haiti for a film screening of ‘Marstra’ at BANJ, the Steve Sinnott Foundation. The film was translated into Haitian Kreyol for International Literacy Day, in partnership with The Literacy Project, and was accompanied by 13 sessions debating the importance of early years literacy learning in Kreyol.

The film was presented in person by Consuelo Doris Diaz, the current President of the Cuban Association of Haitian Descendants.

Ann and Consuelo also met with Caroline Rowett, the British Ambassador to Haiti, and participated in more debates and screenings at the Felicite Foundation, attended by 25 teachers and other development professionals who are doing amazing work to develop access to quality education in Haiti. And also Maurice Communication, attended by 65 people.

To talk about the projects, Ann, Billy Jean, Consuelo and others went on The Morning Show Radio show on Chokarella in Haiti! You can see some of the live broadcast here:

n’ap pale de film MAESTRA ki ap pase an Haiti

Kòman Cuba rive alfabetize anpil moun nan yon lane? n’ap pale de film MAESTRA ki ap pase an Haiti

Posted by Chokarella on Monday, September 9, 2019

A busy and productive start to the new season! Keep an eye out for more photos from the screening, coming soon…