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Learning Resource Centres

Opening Resource Centres in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Nepal

In 2016, after working for two years with international partners, we will open the first Steve Sinnott Foundation Learning Resource Centre in Haiti.

One day, there will be an interconnected network of these centres all around the world. They will supply online and remote learning facilities, offer support and international expertise to groups working at the coalface of education provision; and allow those on the ground access to a global support structure where practical knowledge can be pooled, challenges can be discussed and solutions can be shared.

Our next target is to open centres in Sierra Leone, Nepal and Uganda. Once they are up and running, all the centres will be locally owned and managed. When access to learning is granted, people can do remarkable things.

Teachers have told us that they believe the best way of finding solutions is by sharing ideas and supporting each other. A Ugandan teacher had this to say “We do not want aid we just want to be able to access other teachers I want to be able to look outside of my village and outside of Uganda, I know what problems I have to solve be they teaching or social issues and I know how to research the solutions I just need access. We have one computer in this school and it is for the head teachers use”

So we developed a model to kickstart a stimulation of ideas and discussion. We needed to translate the initial concept into solid plans for the development of sustainable, manageable and fit for purpose learning, capacity building of teachers and resource provision in each area of operation.

We received seed funding from a collection from delegates at UK National Union of Teachers (NUT) 2015 Easter conference, and we used this funding to scope and develop the model further by working with teachers in Haiti, Sierra Leone, the Caribbean, The Gambia and Uganda on the ground. The result is a project for the provision of Steve Sinnott Foundation branded Learning Resource Centres. These resource centres will be developed in each country by teachers themselves. They will provide facilities that are fit for purpose, well managed and sustainable. They will will allow teachers to connect with each other and to provide mentoring and support, the sharing of ideas, development of teaching methods – and solidarity. They will assist capacity building and teacher training that is relevant to local circumstances and conditions.

The first two learning resource centres in Haiti and Uganda are scheduled start on site in early 2016. We have gained valuable support for this project already but we are still looking for like minded partners to work with us so that we can further our reach. If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting development please contact us for more information.

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