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Promoting Education For All In The UK

Promoting Education for All through schools and community groups in the UK

This project has grown from working with 400 schools to over 4,000 schools and community groups. Our work encourages children to learn about and understand different cultures; promotes critical thinking, teaches campaigning skills and helps them to get actively involved in working to extend the benefits of education to everybody.

We are are shamelessly attention-grabbing; doing our best to maximise the number of young people and communities who are engaged with the Education for All effort.

We’ve brought children in costumes representing the countries in which we work to join the Notting Hill Carnival parade. We’ve encouraged storytelling and writing and have shared the results with children around the world. We are supporting a Robotics competition for primary schools. Children across the globe are singing and sharing our Campaign song “A Better Place to Be” to show solidarity with the millions of children who are unable to access education.

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