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Teacher Unions

Steve Sinnott was the General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers in the UK. It is the largest organisation recruiting teachers in England and Wales. It has a membership of over 300,000.

Steve was deeply committed to the values and practice of teaching and learning and the values of collective effort in the proudest traditions of trade unionism world wide. His personal slogan was “Working Together” and he firmly believed that by working together people could achieve success in their positive aspirations for the benefit of themselves and for all.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation is an independent not for profit organisation with its own independent decision making structure. We are not a trade union. We are not controlled or directed by any union, and we reach out to all people and organisations with the aims we share.

But we do have a background in union values. The achievement of our objectives does depend on people working together in ever increasing numbers to achieve the objective of Education for All. We work to unite people and organisations in the pursuit of those objectives, and to share in a spirit of unity of purpose.

Teacher unions are at the forefront of supporting us with donations both to assist our projects directly and to help us meet our day to day running costs. Members of our staff team at our small office in Watford UK are in frequent contact with UK teachers organisation officers at local and national level and stand ready to help with promoting the Foundation to members, visiting local association and branch meetings and providing printed materials for circulation to members. Copies of our twice yearly magazine ENGAGE are also available for circulation. Please contact the office on 01923 431653 (+44 1923 431653 from outside the UK) or by email to admin@

We’ll also help with Agenda items and Resolutions to be put before union meetings for example to make donations to the Foundations, give support to our projects and order regular copies of ENGAGE. Below is a model agenda item for a local union meeting which can be added to or adapted as appropriate. We’ll be able to provide or guide colleagues to materials which explain the Millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals to which this agenda item refers.


Donation to the Steve Sinnott Foundation

To consider the following motion:
Recalling the international work of the late General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Steve Sinnott, in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for education, and noting the Steve Sinnott Foundation’s work to secure the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals which have now replaced them, this Association/Division/Branch agrees to support the work of the Foundation by a donation of £xxxx and agrees also to give consideration to further donations each year at the Association/Division’s Annual General Meeting.