Teaching and Learning Resources for Back To School!

This week we’re sharing Teaching Resources with you to help you with Back To School planning!
To start us off, why not check out our own Storytelling Resource pack for Schools!
Jam-packed full of stories, classroom ideas, factsheets, infographics and more, you can download it for free, or @ us to request a physical copy.


Are you teaching the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Here are some excellent Learning and Teaching Resources from National Museums Liverpool.


Some fabulous Teaching Resources from the Van Gogh Museum for primary and secondary lessons.


Check out the incredible collections at the National Museum Scotland. Explore the natural world, world cultures, science, technology, design, art and fashion, archaeology and Scottish history.

Information and Learning and Teaching Resources can be found here:


We’ve heard of Indoor activities for rainy days, but what about putting on some rain gear and getting outdoors in the rain? This is a great list of ideas for activities you can enjoy in the rain!